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LongTail Bio

In biology, deep insights requires big data. Sequencing technologies are driving a new generation of biotech innovation. LongTail Biotech gives you access to state of the art algorithms for analyzing, cleaning, and visualizing your sequencing data.

Metagenomics Analysis

The microbiome is booming. Our bodies have trillions of bacteria that can dramatically impact our health. LongTail specializes in microbiome analysis producing gold standard results for taxonomy, functional pathways, antimicrobial resistance, biosynthetic gene discovery, and more.


MetaGenScope, our data visualization portal makes your data easy to see and understand. A suite of interactive graphs lets you explore your data in exquisite detail and discover new and exciting relationships between samples.


Biological data needs context. We are building a suite of search tools to help users find new patterns in old data. Users will be able to search for studies related to their research goals which will embed samples in a rich and useful context.

Feature Engineering for AI

Our algorithms are not just for humans. Powerful feature engineering and data cleaning for biology will improve results for machine learning systems. Our tools will clear out noise and give your algorithms deeper insight.

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